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About Us

Several years ago sisters set out to research a natural way to treat and control skin conditions, after one of the sisters had suffered for decades from the dreadful skin disorder, Psoriasis.  Their mission was to replace the dreadful, drying, damaging and expensive steroidal creams often used to treat skin conditions. After mountains of research and numerous trials using many combinations of natural ingredients, they perfected what they and their customers believe to be the most amazing natural skin care products they've ever used!  They began sharing their products with friends and it just blossomed from there! 

They discovered that these products could become a business for them that they could truly be passionate about!  They then took it a step forward and made these products unbelievable affordable,  With little or no money to buy a warehouse, supplies or even a small mall booth, they started at home and are now growing into a flourishing business 

 After doing much market research, in which Paddycakes Natural Skin Care Products have received raving reviews at all shows, they have been able to make all-natural products for very low prices and make these products available to the consumers across the country who are tired of paying high dollar for a product that has harsh chemicals in it or is big and bulky and cannot be taken anywhere.

They love to travel and they love to meet new people all over the country. Currently you will see them, along with their Paddycakes Natural Skin Care Products at Women's Shows, Home Shows, Garden Shows, and Specialty Gift Shows. Paddycakes, LLC is trying to make a better life for themselves and others by providing you with affordable, amazing, all-natural skin care products that hydrate, nourish, heal and protect your skin for days after application!

At Paddycakes, we believe Integrity is Foremost, for our products and ourselves.  It is our hope and prayer that we improve the lives of others in some small way!