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Solid Lotion Bars  -  (1 1/2 oz) 

Liquid Lotion Bottle w/ Shea Butter  -   (2 oz) -  4 Varieties 

Pain Rub Lotion Bar w/ Emu Oil  -   (2 oz)

Lip Balms   -  (1/3 oz) 

Body Scrubs   -   (12 oz)  -   9 Varieties 

Body Powders -Large Can   -   (4 oz ) - 4 Scents 

Body Powder Box w/ Puff   -   (4 oz) -  4 Scents

Small Body Powder Shakers   -  (3 ) Scents) 

All Soaps sold by Paddycakes are natural with quality enriched ingredients!

Natural Soap Bars - Many Varieties  -  (4 oz )

Triple Milled Wrapped Soap Bars   -   (6.35 oz)  Individual  & Gift Sets
Specialty Soaps   -  (3oz - 6.4 oz.) 
                                        Many To Choose From!  (See Store)

                       4 oz Soap Bars  w / Goat Milk added: 

 Unscented Castile (for Sensitive Skin), Bathing Beauty,  Fresh Brewed   Coffee, Vanilla Sugar, Spearmint Orange

Made with All Natural and Organic Oils, Shea Butter and Aloe

Bathing Beauty, Champaka, Cherry Almond, Fresh Ginger Lime, Fresh Brewed Coffee, Fresh Citrus Basil,  Grapefruit  Geranium, Lavender Chamomile,  Lemongrass,  Merry Mistletoe, Rose Scrub,  Tea Tree Herb and Mint, Unscented  Castile,  and Vanilla Sugar,  




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               *Natural Pain Rub Lotion Bar with Emu Oil*

            ***NOW-1/3 oz MORE and NEW TWIST UP CONTAINER!***


 Reported to alleviate or take the edge off pain and discomfort from

 muscle aches, shingles pain and arthritis aches.  Penetrates 5 layers of the dermis. Usually provides 2 to 3 hours or more of relief!   Helps lesson taking Pain Medication!  

2 oz. Bar - $16.50 
 (Plus applicable taxes and shipping)   

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